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about coast

blended by hand
Our collection of hair care and styling products are blended by hand in our Vancouver studio. Yep, you read that right. Every single product is hand-blended. Well, not just hand blended, but hand packaged and labelled too. We're incredible, we know. But we don't actually do it to show off, hand crafting allows us to personally ensure that every last bottle is absolutely perfect. Call us control freaks but it’s all for your benefit.
natural and organic ingredients
We use only the best natural and organic ingredients. We don’t put anything in our products that we wouldn’t use on ourselves – and trust us, we have high standards!
We keep nasty chemicals and fillers out of your products and use only ingredients that nourish, strengthen and protect your hair. The result is potent, multi-tasking products that work together to encourage beautiful, healthy, Instagram-worthy hair.
cruelty free and sustainable
Our products work to protect your hair from the elements while our methods protect the environment. We are strictly against animal testing and ensure that we only purchase raw materials from cruelty free suppliers.
We choose sustainable methods, crafting all products by hand, and use only natural ingredients and recyclable packaging. We take measures to reduce our carbon footprint whenever possible in order to protect our beautiful coast.
inspired by paradise
"Coast is inspired by the feeling you get when you're on vacation. You know it. You're relaxed, full of gratitude and basically invincible. And it shows. You've got effortless beach hair, a tan that gives you that healthy glow (even after one too many margaritas the night before) and you can't stop smiling. Life is good.
Our goal in starting Coast was to bring these feelings back to everyday life. We set a mission to make sure that, by delivering healthy, beach inspired hair through a natural hair care collection, we could make you feel as good all year round as you do on vacation. But why stop there. We also want you to feel great about the products you're using.
We crafted our collection to be potent and effective. Our products are built to offer the most benefits for the least amount of effort, using natural ingredients, so that they’re safe for you and our beautiful planet."
- Melissa Bailey, Founder