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why i only wash my hair once a week

Posted by Melissa Bailey on

You know that Jennifer Anniston meme circulating? That’s me. Every day. Thinking about how badly I need to wash my hair but knowing I’m really not emotionally prepared to dry it.


I hate washing my hair. I just went without washing it for 8 days. I wish I was exaggerating. And to be honest, I didn't even wash it myself the last two times. I dislike washing my hair so much that I would rather pay $50 to have someone wash and blow dry it than do it myself. Hence, the reason a dry shampoo was one of the first products I created for Coast.


You see I don’t have naturally smooth, straight hair. Nope, it’s thick, coarse, wavy and frizzy and takes 3 days, an industrial fan and a team of 6 just to dry it. And when I blow dry it myself it looks like I borrowed Simba’s mane and attached it to my head. I look like I should be roaming the planes of Africa instead of the streets of Vancouver.


So, I have spent the last year training my hair to only require washing once a week. Not only because I’m lazy AF but because less washing means healthier hair. When you wash your hair you strip it of its natural oils and dry it out. Cutting back on the amount of times I wash my hair has done it a world of good. There’s less breakage and split ends and it’s shinier and more resistant to the damage done by applying heat and dying it. Now, I wouldn’t be where I am without the help from my favorite products.


So, if you dislike washing your hair as much as you dislike listening to those Spence Diamonds adds on the radio or want to improve the health of your hair, then take a read over how I manage my hair from Day 1 to 6. First thing to know, dry shampoo is life and avoid touching your hair as much as possible to avoid transferring oils from your hands.


Day 1: Wash, blow dry, style hair. Hair looks bomb. Take over the world.

Day 2: Add a very small amount of dry shampoo to the crown to give the roots a little oomph. Hair looks even better than Day 1. Didn’t think that was possible. I’m incredible.

Day 3: My favorite day. Hair starts to look messy, gritty aka perfect beach hair (my favorite style). Add a little salt spray, scrunch and add dry shampoo to the crown. Flip head over, add dry shampoo underneath and run excess product through hair. I am a beach goddess. Just need a beach.

Day 4: Starts to look greasy. Add dry shampoo. All over.

Day 5: Should not leave the house but still do. Throw hair in a ponytail or messy bun. Thankful that the dry shampoo has a light scent but pray no one comes within 5 feet of me.

Day 6: Add oil mask to the ends. Let it sit for an hour. Suck it up and wash my hair. Bam feeling like a boss again.


Of course, everyone’s hair is different and what works for me won’t work for everyone. It takes some trial an error and a lot of patience. If you wash your hair every day, start with every other day for a month than every 3 days for 3 months and continuing adding from there. Play around with different products and dry shampoos to see which ones can best extend the life of your blowout.


Founder + Creative Director at Coast


Featured image via Pinterest. Source: unknown.

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