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what to bring on vacation

Posted by Melissa Bailey on

Headed to the sun this holiday season? Cool. Thanks for the invite.

So, you're either one of those lucky ducks escaping the cold for sun, sand and a strawberry margarita or you're wishing you were one of them. Or, you love the constant numbness of your fingers and toes and you're completely content with an Edward Cullen level of paleness. If that's the case, you do you, winter weirdo, but here's where you'll probably want to stop reading. 

Back to you, sun chasers. If you're going to leave us to fend for ourselves this winter, the least you can do is snap a few photos and tag us. We'll be living vicariously for the next few months. And even though you so cold-heartedly ditched us, we're the loveliest most forgiving people and we're still going to help you pack. What are friends for right? Oh, don't get it wrong, you'll still owe us after. 

So, let's get this straight. Your trip is going to revolve around sitting in the sun, swimming in the sun, sweating in the sun and sipping in the sun. With these activities in mind, we've listed all the essentials you need for a happy, healthy holiday vacation. 

Read our list below, check it twice and be on your merry way to paradise.


1. SPF SPF SPF: We're all for a healthy dose of colour but no one likes wrinkles, sun spots or skin that looks like our latest handbag. And on a more serious note, you need to protect yourself from sun damage that can lead to skin cancer. This Tropical Vanilla Day Cream with SPF 32 from Eminence is our all-time favorite face cream.

2. Bikinis: With so many stunning swimwear brands taking over Instagram the choices are endless. You're going to want to do some research yourself before picking out a new suit but to get you started these are a few of our favourites:

  • Londre: local Vancouver brand featuring stunning one-pieces made from sustainable materials
  • Anna Swimwear: beautiful designs, great quality and all swimsuits are limited releases
  • Zaful: cheap bikinis that look similar to a some of the well known brands, quality isn't amazing and fit is a bit unpredictable but great if you're a little tapped after buying those flights
  • Monday Swimwear: amazing selection, suits for all body types, unique designs and so gorgeous

3. Beach bag: We recently bought this Eco Bag from Harlow Atelier and use it for everything, from carrying our poolside essentials to grocery shopping. Plus it rolls up super small to take up barely any room in your suitcase. Seen here by @tobruckave



4. Haircare. Coast Hair Repair oil mask. This mask will be your lifesaver and repair your hair after it's been repeatedly beaten by the heat, salt water and chlorine. And for the days you don't take a dip but still want those beachy goddess locks, use the Coast Beach Waves salt spray

5. Books. Don't forget  to add a book and a few trashy magazines. Cause we secretly want to know all the details on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement. In need of some book recos? Check out Elle's 13 Best Books of 2017

6. Water Bottle: We don't ever leave home without our S'well water bottles so why would you even think to leave the country without one. It keeps your water cold for 12 hours even in the heat. Skip the heat stroke and stay hydrated. 

7. Beach towel: Full suitcase? Ditch this one. It's not a necessity. But, if you're like us and would rather roll in cacti that lie on scratchy hotel towels that have been used by who knows how many others, I'd suggest making room for your own beach towel. Our top pick goes to The Beach People's beautiful circular towels. They have the most amazing patterns to choose from (perfect for those IG pics you'll be sending us). 

8. Sunnies. We always pack two pairs of sunnies. One cheaper pair that we're not concerned about loosing as we're frolicking about in the ocean (just make sure they have the necessary UV protection!). And the second, well not so cheap. Invest in a good pair of glasses to wear the rest of the trip. We're all about the classic Rayban.


Most importantly, don't forget to pack a Carry On Cocktail Kit for the plane. It's time to celebrate! Now go enjoy your vacation and don't forget to tag us in your photos. It's the least you can do. 

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