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postcard from amalfi

Posted by Melissa Bailey on

Last month I packed my bags to travel to the STUNNING Amalfi Coast. This place could not be more picturesque with it's cliffside towns, pastel painted houses, ocean views and jaw dropping sunsets. I highly recommend visiting, I'll most definitely be going back.

Of course, I couldn't stop taking photos and, if you follow my personal account, you would know I've been back over a week but have yet to stop posting photos from the trip.

While we spent most of our time exploring, sightseeing, eating all the pizza and drinking all the wine, we did take a much needed beach day. We rented a set of loungers for the day where we drank Aperol Spritz and ate pizza in betweens dips in the ocean #dreamday. Of course, I had my Coast products with me and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to snap a few photos. Hope you enjoy our postcard pics from Amalfi.

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