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new year, new hair trends to try

Posted by Melissa Bailey on

New year, new you? Too much work. How about a new hair style instead?

We're not usually ones to fuss about hair trends but this year we kind of love what we're seeing. And there's something about a new year that makes you just want to reinvent yourself. Or just make a few improvements. I mean, we're pretty perfect over here, but we're looking out for the rest of you. That's just the kind of team we are.

Maybe it's time for a cut and color? Or time to invest in some new hair tools? Either way, we've listed our three favorite hair trends below for 2018 in case you're in need of some inspiration.


And keep it dirty. Say bye to platinum hues and opt for a dirty blonde. Let your stylist know you want warmer golden tones. If your hair is naturally darker, keep the roots dark for a more natural "lived-in" look. Darker roots also mean lower maintenance (sold!). You won't have to go to the salon for touch ups as often since the grow out will blend easier with darker roots.


Keep it light. No heavy, blunt bangs. Keep it piecey and make sure your fringe hits below your eyebrows. Longer fringes are much more versatile -  they can be parted, secured back, tucked behind your ears. And if you decide you want to grow them out, it’ll be way easier to do when they’re longer. This kind of fringe is perfect for pairing with natural beachy waves. 


Hello 90's! These babies are back. To be honest, we never really got rid of ours. They're perfect for throwing back a loose pony and they don't cause that annoying bump after. They're way softer on your hair too which means less breakage. Keep the scrunchies small to medium in size, plain or a soft pattern and ideally a luxe fabric like silk or velvet. The scrunchie works best with a low, smooth, sleek pony. 


So which one will you try? Don't forget to tag us @coastbeauty.co on Instagram. Or ignore us and live in 2017 forever. Your choice. 

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